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  • What can you expect from your first meeting?
    During your initial consultation, you’ll learn how we work with clients, the value we can provide, the costs associated if we choose to work together, and next steps. You may be asked to provide financial documents such as, but not limited to: Bank statements Investment statements Insurance policies 401(k) statements Current insurance policy
  • Questions to ask yourself prior to the meeting
    It is recommended you come ready with some topics for discussion. You should have a basic understanding of your current financial picture, financial goals and or current needs. Here are some potential questions that could help provide a better picture of your current situation : What are your tax goals? What are your most important financial goals right now? What concerns you most about your finances? Did a specific life event or need prompt you to seek advice? If you have any, how are your investments performing in current market conditions? What are you looking for from a financial advisor? What are you not receiving currently? What is your business in need of?
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