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Is Life Insurance Worth It?

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

What should you consider when determining if life insurance is worth it? How can you leverage life insurance to enhance your estate planning objectives? How can life insurance integrate with your retirement income strategy?

I discuss all of these questions and more in this article for

Additionally, if you're wondering what life insurance might cost you, the best ways to estimate your life insurance cost and the different approaches life insurance companies take to determine your rate.


About the Author:

David Peters, CPA, CFP, ChFC, CLU, CPCU, CGMA, is the Founder and Owner of Peters Professional Education ( and Peters Tax Preparation & Consulting, PC. He is also a financial advisor for Peters Financial LLC. He regularly teaches courses in accounting, finance, insurance, financial planning, and ethics throughout the United States, and regularly contributes regularly to various professional publications, including NCACPA’s Interim Report, SCACPA’s CPA Report, and VSCPA’s Disclosures.

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